Case Study:
Error-Free Payment Validation Solutions That Reduce Costs and Build Trust

How one of the biggest global credit card providers reduces payment errors and data inaccuracy with Validate

payment-validation-case-study-3d-cover-1Free Case Study: Learn how Apply Financial helped one of the biggest credit card providers in the world to significantly reduce payment errors and data inaccuracy with Validate Data Manager.

Improving Straight Through Processing (STP) was a top priority for the business. Constantly changing data was becoming increasingly difficult to manage. Holding a vast number of global merchant accounts, the card issuer needed a tool which
could automatically analyse data and keep it up to date.

IBANs and BICs regularly failed because the banks referenced changed their data, address or merged with other organisations. Each failed payment can cost the provider £50 in charges, whilst it takes time to fix errors and it impacts customer trust. Validate simplifies complex payments processes and data management across all devices, improving efficiency, minimising delays and reducing charges from non-STP payments.

Download this case study and learn about:

  • The challenges faced by payment providers in a fast-changing digital landscape
  • How Validate’s suite of tools helped this leading credit card provider to improve relationships with global merchants
  • The cutting-edge payment validation technology Apply Financial implemented to enable our client to manage vast amounts of global reference data and eliminate costly payment processing errors
  • The key benefits of Validate Data Manager for payment providers

Validate offers efficient tools to customer-facing staff, simplifying the global credit card payment environment and ensuring compliance with SEPA.

“Apply Financial helped us to stay SEPA-compliant and automate a process which was costing us money and time. We’re continually impressed by the accuracy and speed of the payment data, payment rules and regulation compliance which Apply provides to us through its Validate suite of solutions.”Director at the global credit card provider

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