Free Financial Markets Insights Whitepaper on Faster Payments in the B2B Space

Seizing the opportunity; understanding the reality

Capitalising on the growth of instant B2B payments 3d whitepaper coverCapitalising on the growth of instant B2B payments

Across all channels, client segments and geographies, payments are getting faster, even if not always quite real time, nor quickly enough to keep up with the momentum of demand.

Exploring the latest B2B payment solutions

The speed of progress varies, with some markets and institutions still stuck in the slow lane. But the direction of travel is clear, notwithstanding the differing priorities of retail and wholesale customers.

This FMI whitepaper report, produced by Inbound FinTech, features exclusive insights from Mark Bradbury of Apply Financial, Mike Walters of Form3, Ebury’s Toby Young, Brad van Leeuwen of Railsbank, and financial industry commentator and author Chris Skinner. It explores the use cases, challenges and opportunities associated with the growth of instant B2B payments.

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“With more countries implementing instant payment schemes, the next one to five years will see a big percentage of the world accepting this as the norm” – Mark Bradbury (Founder & Managing Director, Apply Financial)

What you’ll learn from this FMI report:

  • An introduction to the current state of Faster Payments

  • How different global markets and consumer demand are driving innovation

  • The possibilities for improving B2B payment methods and capabilities

  • B2B payment gateway use cases and the opportunity for businesses to capitalise

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This report was discussed at a recent Financial Markets Insights (FMI) roundtable event in London, with some of the report's contributors and other leading industry innovators. The event sparked some lively debate and revealed some interesting insights. We've created a debrief of the event's key takeaways here: B2B Instant Payment Opportunities & Challenges

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