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Case Study: 
Payment Validation For Corporate Businesses

Learn how we've helped numerous major corporations improve STP and reduce costly payment errors.

Free Case Study: Explore how Apply Financial has helped major corporate brands to reduce payment errors, increase STP rates, save time and boost customer satisfaction.

Seamless payment processing is a priority for corporate businessesApply Financial Corporate Case Study April 2020-1, with many keen to focus on improving straight-through processing (STP), reducing friction and eliminating failed payments. 

This case study outlines the benefits of Validate, our suite of payment data validation and management tools. Find out how Validate has improved the payment process for corporate companies and the cost savings involved. 

What you'll learn in this Payment Validation case study:

  • The reasons why bank payments fail & how to reduce payment errors
  • How to significantly improve your STP rate
  • What Validate does and how easy our API is to integrate 
  • How to ensure that payments reach the right recipients, on time, every time
  • The results achieved by our real-time payment validation & data cleansing tools

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